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While working on a new residential building in central London, a leading firm of architects asked us to create an impressive visualisation of one of the project’s signature penthouses. They were looking for an immersive experience to show customers the high quality of the development.

We had been following virtual reality (VR) for some time and noted its potential to revolutionise a number of industries. Our VR studio, JuJu IMSV, is dedicated to producing virtual reality tours for pre-construction properties. Real estate professionals can greatly benefit from this innovative digital technology. VR offers a completely new way to demonstrate properties to the customer – an incredible opportunity to transport the end user anywhere, anytime. Moreover, VR significantly reduces the cost of the development, production and application of marketing products and services. Potential customers can view a property before it even breaks ground, ‘walking’ through it from the comfort of home or the sales office.


We created an immersive, head-mounted, virtual reality experience that allowed prospective buyers to see the penthouse before construction had started.

By combining computer generated 3D renderings from the client’s architectural drawings and actual video and photography footage from the site, we enabled prospective owners to visualise the property quickly and easily. The photo-realistic experience was available through the HTC Vive HMD (head mounted display) at the client’s sales office. Users were able to ‘walk around’ the penthouse and feel the true dimensions and space. By using multiple internal 3D photo-realistic renderings, it was possible to show how the property would look at different times of day. Drone photography from the building site allowed us to show a 360-degree view from the windows and balconies. The realistic feel was enhanced by interactive elements. Users could turn on lights in the rooms and water in the shower, light the fireplace, turn on the music system and choose a radio station.
The walk-through tour put buyers in the driver’s seat and allowed our client to demonstrate the full potential of the space, at a fraction of the cost of physically staging a property. Moreover, the tour provided our client with a powerful competitive advantage as they could begin attracting customers at the off-the-plan stage. As VR technology is also highly shareable, it could be used to show the property to anyone with an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset, be they in London, Dubai, New York or Sydney.
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